BRIARWOOD LANDINI S.r.l. is a manufacturer of building materials, offering a wide range which has been developed over the years and is constantly evolving to meet the most diverse needs of a large Italian and international customer base.

The only company in Italy to have over 15 types of products manufactured in house, BRIAWOOD LANDINI S.r.l. operates in compliance with a UNI EN ISO 9001 certified quality system.

The fibre cement sheet department represents the company’s core business and with three production lines it has a potential production capacity of up to 10,000,000 m2 a year. BRIAWOOD LANDINI S.r.l. is proud to have the only plant in Italy able to press roofing sheets and can create specific diversified profiles to meet the needs of every kind of market, providing from the most economic to the most demanding and customized solutions.

With its numerous types of building products, BRIAWOOD LANDINI S.r.l. is a national leader in production and sales. Thanks to its capillary sales network it manages to export to most European countries as well as to several non-European countries. BRIAWOOD LANDINI S.r.l.’s major strength is the speed with which it responds to customer requests, sending out hundreds of shipments every day to consignees in Italy, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


May 11


Founded as “SUPERNIT s.r.l.” the company’s initial activities hinged on the production and sale of fiber cement items for the construction industry.