These containers are designed for the purification and treatment of rainwater and collection of drinking water.
All these products are produced by rotomolding, a technique that makes it possible to obtain seamless products with perfectly smooth surfaces for easy maintenance. This prevents the creation of internal tensions that could weaken the structure.
Production is performed exclusively in our own plants using high quality, totally virgin materials. Thus we can offer steadfast quality, long life and utmost reliability vs. problems of corrosion and oxidation. Everything is guaranteed at a much lower cost than with metal or fiber glass.

With our models we can serve urban developments with up to 150 residents.

The “ecoland” product line includes specific systems for:

 Treatment of wastewater
Treatment of first flush rainwater

Our skilled technicians are at your disposal, even during the design and dimensioning phases, thus guaranteeing a customized solution to meet your specific needs. Where required, we issue certificates of conformity and compliance with current standards.

Minimum required data to get the sizing of the products: