Elements designed to create systems for venting flue gases and kitchen vapours. All elements are certified and must be selected based on the application and in accordance with specific product design features. These elements can also be used for less demanding applications such as for ventilation and aeration ductwork, etc..

Aster Gen-C CALCULATING PROGRAM for the correct SIZING OF CHIMNEYS: this software makes it possible to size a chimney system in compliance with the specific regulations in force as well as obtain the relative calculation report, system diagram with bill of materials, quotes and other information.
Our technicians are available to provide support during the design phase or to realize the whole system from start to finish.
Whenever envisaged, the project must in any case be validated by a professional entered in the specific technical register.

To get the program, click on the link below.

Aster Gen-C

(program updated on 16-02-2022)