The super fast-setting cement is a premixed powder composed of high resistance cement and special additives.

When mixed with water it creates a plastic-like paste that is easy to apply, even vertically, without requiring formworks.

At + 20°C, the setting time is extremely fast (3/5 minutes); once set, it offers high mechanical resistance, no shrinkage and is water-proof.

It is easy to use and lends itself to numerous applications for securing on reinforced concrete and masonry surfaces, whether vertical or horizontal.

Some examples of application:
– Blocking structural elements
– Finishing edges and special shapes
– Securing steel elements
– Laying subframes in wood and metal
– Laying boxes and sheaths for electrical installations
– Securing piping, plumbing units, hinges
– Sealing concrete ducts, sewers, tanks and roadway manholes
– Sealing minor water infiltrations in elevator structures and spaces.

The super fast-setting cement comes in packages of
– 25 kg
– 10 kg
– 5 kg